Keep Your Sewing Toolbox Full

Stock up on sewing machine accessories from our store in Missoula, MT

It can be frustrating to start your sewing project, only to realize you're missing the right thread or notion. You can avoid this by stocking up on the sewing accessories at A Clean Stitch Inc. We provide all kinds of sewing machine accessories at our shop in Missoula, MT.

Check out our collection of sewing accessories right away.

Explore the sewing accessories in our inventory

Explore the sewing accessories in our inventory

The right thread can make or break your garment. Thankfully, you can find the perfect option for your project at our store. We have an extensive selection of threads in all colors and types. While you're shopping, you can also pick up new:

  • Bobbins
  • Notions
  • Pre-cut fabrics
  • Embroidery supplies in stock and online at OESD

Is your sewing machine lagging when you press the peddle? You may need a new Bernina presser foot from our selection. Our friendly staff can show you your options for sewing machine accessories when you come by our shop today.